Moringa Matters
This is "Morey", our Moringa Oleifera seed. He's our little mascot! He is going to tell some things about the tree he grows into, and some of its many uses. 

"Morey" will also introduce you to his buddy, "Stan", the Moringa Stenopetala seed. His tree is valuable, too. We are privileged to know and love these little guys, and you will grow to love them, too!
I grow into a beautiful tree, that is known as one of the fastest growing trees around! There is nothing I like better than sunlight, water, and warmth. If you keep pruning my branches back - a LOT - I'll give you LOTS of leaves within reach - that you can EAT! 

Generally, people think that I taste a whole lot better than spinach, or collard greens, or mustard greens, or ANY other dark, leafy greens. I think they're RIGHT! MY leaves pack so much nutrition in their little tiny forms, that you don't need to eat much, to get a lot of essential nutrients into your body. Many people eat my leaves dried, or ground into powder that they put into WHATEVER they are eating. 

Although we are BOTH Moringa seeds, we grow into two very different trees. MY leaves are a lot smaller than Stan's are, and some people think that my leaves taste better. That is a matter of opinion. Stan's are a lot easier to pick, if you want to eat them quickly, and do not want spend a lot of time stripping little leaves off of the branches. BOTH of our trees leaves are extremely nutritious. You can read more about that on our other site:

Moringa Matters exists so that human beings can tell their own stories, about how Moringa trees have made a difference in their lives. If you don't know anything ABOUT Moringa, then read all about it at one of our other sites, above. If you DO know about Moringa, and you want to tell others, just go to our ABOUT US page, and email your story to our webmaster. So many people could be benefitting from our leaves, seeds, flowers and pods - but how are they going to know about us, unless someone tells them?

We grow into trees that bear the nickname of "The Miracle Tree", and we work hard to keep up our reputation. We can grow anywhere that we can get sunlight, heat, and water, and even where it freezes, we can be grown as an annual. 

You owe it to yourself to check us out - you can only get healthier eating our leaves, and that's what we are "all about"!
Hi! My name is Morey. I am a Moringa Oleifera seed, and while I don't think very highly of myself, others think that I am a very valuable seed. If you put me into some loose, sandy soil, and give me some water - as long as it's warm where you plant me - I'll grow!
I have a friend, "Stan", who is a Moringa Stenopetala seed. He generally hails from the African continent. His looks are quite different from mine. Here's what my little buddy, "Stan" looks like, to the left. His leaves are big, mine are small , just like in the photo to the right. ------->

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